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Employee benefits

In le bon, we offer competitive salary in the industry, except basic work. It also includes allowances, annual performance bonuses And mid-year performance. Incentive, timely incentive gold, etc. We provide social insurance for our employees. Housing provident fund, commercial insurance, free breakfast And lunch, Tidy collective dormitory, free shuttle bus, free parking, communication fee, student. Daily greetings, holiday greetings, wedding greetings, legal annual leave, company award. Annual leave, team building fund, etc.
Compensation And welfare system
Besides the comfortable And open office environment, we also have indoor health. The body room, coffee shop, outdoor basketball court, football field, employees can get the rest.The pleasure of leisure time. Here, every employee will harvest. The start of my career, the transformation of the workplace.
Office leisure space
Lesbang provides employees with supplementary medical insurance, annual health examination And medical treatment.Room, major disease support, occupational health seminar And other health services.Multiple experiences, at the same time, provide employees with immediate And effective employees.Help plan (EAP) To help employees effectively deal With And relieve from work.The psychological pressure Of work And life, Get a better balance state.
Health services